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(Board of Advisors)

KOE BOA provides strategies, directions and oversight to the ministry of KOE, both spiritually as well as operationally,

as BOA members pray and inquire of the Lord 

regarding KOE.

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Democratizing Priesthood

KOE advocates and puts into practice the democratization of priesthood.


The biblical foundation of democratization of priesthood is rooted in Revelation 1:6, which said Jesus Christ "has made us to be a kingdom of priests, to serve His God and Father, to Him be glory and power, for ever and ever." (NIV) This is Christ's message to His Church.

It is to mobilize the 99% of the Body of Christ outside of full time ministry in various domains in the world to arise to Christ's call to priesthood, as the 1% called to full time ministry is inept to finish Christ's command of the Great Commission.

How KOE began....

At the early stage of her career, KOE’s founder, Joanna Ng, knew that God’s assignment for her life was to be His light and voice in the field of technology.


Taking this to heart, she tried very hard to find a sister in Christ who loves Jesus and also loves technology to disciple her, with no avail.


Decades later, many more brothers and sisters in Christ share the conviction of God’s calling in the workplace, she became the person she was looking for. It is her heart to collaborate with churches and other groups to disciple Christians whom God called to the marketplace.

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Features of a KOE Disciple


  1. The Lordship of Christ: Jesus is the Lord and the love of your life, your ultimate trust in whom your life anchored. 

  2. The Life in the Holy Spirit: Walking by the Spirit, on-going divine communion is your lifestyle. As His sheep, hearing His voice is the norm of your life.

  3. The Love of Abba Father: You experience the love of the Heavenly Father in your heart. You live as His beloved child.

  4. The Power & Authority of the Word: You revere the Word of God and live on it. You regularly ponder His Word in your heart, spiritually discern in Spirit-taught words.

  5. The Ongoing Growth of Divine Relationship: You prioritize your private routine to protect and nurture your relationship with God, in worship, in prayer, and in the Word. You have significant Christ-centered social relationships in your life to build up one another in Christ.

  6. The Fruit: Your heart and your life show evident and obvious transformations by the power of the Gospel since you asked Jesus to be your Lord of life.

  7. Your Purpose & Divine Destiny: You minister in obedience in response to the leading of the Spirit, sharing the Gospel, feeding His sheep. You, like other true disciples, make disciples, who in turn mature to love Jesus as the Lord of life, compelling them to make disciples, participating in the multiplying design of Jesus' Great Commission.

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Apostle Paul said,
"Follow m
y example,
as I follow the example of Christ."
1 Corinthians 11:1

Be a KOE Discipler like Apostle Paul!
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Statement of Faith

We affirm our belief in the one eternal God, Creator and Lord of the world, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who governs all things according to the purpose of his will.

KOE Ministry adopts the Lausanne Covenant as its Statement of Faith. 

About the Founder

As a technologist and an inventor, Joanna’s niche is her insights in seeing missing parts in emerging technologies and bridge them. 


As an entrepreneur, Joanna’s niche is her God given talent of translating complex abstractions and theories into useful solutions, put in people’s hands that bring blessings.

She integrates her work with her faith and sees the works of her hands as a form of worship to God.


Joanna Ng

Founder of

the KOE Discipling Community

Sandy Beach

Sleeper, Awake, and Arise from the dead,
and Christ will Shine on you.
Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise
Ephesians 5:14-15 ESV


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