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Story of KOE 

Image by Joel Muniz

At the early stage of her career, the KOE’s founder, Joanna Ng, knew that God’s assignment for her life was to be His light and voice in the field of technology. Taking this to heart, she tried very hard to find a sister in Christ who loves Jesus and also loves technology to disciple her, with no avail.


Decades later, many more brothers and sisters in Christ share the conviction of God’s calling in the workplace, she became the person she was looking for. It is her heart to collaborate with churches and other groups to disciple Christians whom God called to the marketplace. 


It started as a pilot group at a local church in Toronto. A group of brothers and sisters ran into each other at a church hallway, started an ad hoc conversation with Joanna that could not stop. All they could talk about was God’s ministries at the marketplace. A few months later, the pilot group was started. The need to open up to the like-minded from other churches became obvious as people from other churches started attending. Through precious divine connections one after another in late 2018, God has prepared His people to form the KOE prayer team and core term. The KOE Prayer Team met regularly to pray. The KOE Core Operations Team takes care of the operations of programs, events, websites and all other logistics. The KOE ministry started in January 2019 with its first disciple program module, ‘Arise’, followed by the ‘Shine’ module in 2020, with one group in downtown and another group in uptown. The 2020 pandemic pushed KOE ministry online and opened up global ministry opportunities.


In April 2020, Joanna was invited to take part in an event called Pray-for-tech, organized by Christians from tech companies of Silicon-Valley. Afterwards, several Googlers and some alumni of Lausanne GWF wanted to meet for deeper discipleship. Please check out KOE Gatherings for the most current ministries.

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