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Cream Abstract

KOE Board Of Advisors

Members of KOE BOA are KOE disciples, by definition, are also disciplers making disciples in various ways and forms in their lives.

The Job of KOE BOA


[Note: KOE refers to the ministry of KOE Discipling Community]

KOE BOA meets every first Wednesday bi-monthly.

KOE BOA members are to:

  • Inquire the Lord for wisdom and strategies for KOE.

  • Provide spiritual and operational directions for KOE.

  • Provide oversight for KOE.

  • Represent and promote KOE to broaden its reach.

  • Enforce accountability for the purity of our hearts and members' walk with the Lord as we serve together.

Members of KOE BOA

Helen Kang

Living in Sunnyvale, CA, a lover of Jesus serving the Lord as a certified fitness instructor, running discipling & prayer groups & hosting microchurch at home.

Nick Kim

Living in LA, CA, a lover of Jesus serving the Lord as a founder of a tech consultant firm, a former googler, loving and discipling his young family and others.


Team of Industrial Engineers

Joanna Ng

Living in Toronto, Ontario, a lover of Jesus, serving the Lord as founder of KOE and an AI startup (see the founder's page)

Sarah Krygsman

Living in Edmonton, Alberta, a lover of Jesus serving the Lord as a licensed occupational therapist, who runs discipling life groups and disciple others.


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