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The vision of KOE is to build up one another as lovers of Jesus, who ARISE to our identity in Christ; and SHINE His light in what we do, at where we are sent. 


For ministry at the workplace that may have kingdom impact, we need to build up one another to walk in the Spirit, to root in His Word, to deepen our love for Jesus. Encouraging one another to live a lifestyle of bold faith, where we partner with God in what He does. When His glory is in our stories, others may be drawn to Jesus and have fullness of life in Him.


The love for Jesus in these disciples in the marketplace is so contagious that others become contagious Jesus lovers as well. This is what the Great Commission is all about.

KOE Vision

To see christians grow in contagious love for Jesus because of their KOE experience so that they are better equipped as kingdom-priests at the workplace.


To witness christians of different careers across nations

  • Arise to our role as Priests for God’s Kingdom

  • Shine His glory on earth in what we do, at where we’re sent

  • Tell our faith stories to impact nations and generations


so others may 

  • believe Jesus is the Messiah

  • have life to the full in His name

[Isaiah 60:1-3, Revelation 1:6,5:10, 1 Peter 2:9, John 20:31]

Woman with Bible

KOE Mission

KOE Ministry equips Christians of different careers across nations to arise and shine as God's Kingdom priests, to seek Kingdom impact, in what we do, at where we're sent. 


We offer:

  • KOE Discipleship programs

Train Christians to arise to Christ's foundation, to shine His glory, to invite God to do immeasurably more in us, so our faith stories in Him attract others to believe in Jesus and have life in Him.

  • KOE Faith-building life groups

We sharpen one another in prayer groups and communities, to challenge one another to live fully in Christ, sharing our faith stories together

  • KOE Faith-sharing conferences and digital platforms 

We tell our faith stories so others too may have life to the full in Christ

Core Values

  • Worship Jesus as our Lord and first love as the highest priority  

  • Operate in the power of the Spirit through prayer

  • Seek God’s Kingdom, glory and honor in everything

  • Live by the Word of God

  • Unite in one Spirit and in love

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