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Shine Series 

SHINE: Run our Race in Victory for His Glory

Section 1: Live Our Spiritual Life: The New Normal

  • Living in Spiritual Reality

  • Sensing His Moves

  • Motivation Audits - Key to Victory

Section 2: Position for the Race

  • Partnering with God

  • Dreaming His Dreams, Living in His Abundance

  • Taking Stock of What is in our Hands

Section 3: Run a Victorious Race

  • Facing Our Fears

  • Knowing the Snares

  • Mastering the Patterns of Kingdom on Earth

Putting it All Together 

The Big Picture: Investing our career for Kingdom Impact​

Arise Series 

Section 1:    Arising to the IDENTITY God Created for me

  • Evaluating how I see myself: Truth or Lies?

  • ​Discovering the “ME” God created

  • Feeling secure in who God says I am

Section 2:    Arising to the RELATIONSHIP God wants

  • Accustoming to our adopted sonship

  • Maintaining First Love and Divine Intimacy

  • Accepting His Invitation to Divine Partnership

Section 3:    Arising to the TESTS

  • Calling out the two ultimate tests of all tests

  • Being Shrewd as serpents, yet pure as doves

  • Managing “Seek Ye First” over “All these things

Putting it All Together

  • The Big Picture: Investing our career for Kingdom Impact​

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