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Team Hugging

KOE  Gatherings

For Building Faith in Christ

Girls in the Library


We run Book Club in group setting to get through books listed in KOE Resources.


We prepare Guiding questions to facilitate active reading. We gather every two weeks to discuss the book, and challenges in real life practice.

We are reading "Being Christian 2.0" from November 2023 to March 2024.

Wanna join us? Interested in running a KOE book club with your tribe?


KOE Discipling Life Groups

Group Hug

KOE Discipling Life Groups are led by KOE Disciplers.

A group of max eight, meeting for a fixed time period, to build up one another in Christ, through sharing, praying, raising questions, discussions, studying God's Word,

  • To foster obedience in following Christ

  • To embrace the Father's love

  • To walk in the Spirit, live on the Word

  • To know God's calling

  • To live in bold faith to attain fullness in Christ


After the set period, some members will mature to become KOE Disciplers to start new KOE Discipling Life Groups.

KOE Straight Talks

Video Call


   KOE Straight Talks are online events:

  • We invite speakers to talk about KOE living from real life experience where rubber meets the road

  • We host panels, through Q&A and discussions, to hash out challenges, sharing hints and tips to overcome hurdles of living KOE
  • Other Suggestions?


   We value your Input and welcome your suggestions.

   Love to hear from you!

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