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Democratization of Priesthood

Mobilize the 99% of the Body of Christ to arise to Christ's calling for us to be Kingdom Priests, seeking His Kingdom in who we are, and what we do, at where we are sent, knowing that finishing the Great Commission cannot be left only to the 1% in full time ministry, but requiring all hands on deck.

LPS Cure in         Shifts


 Lopsided Priesthood Syndrome (LPS)

Many in the 99% (not in full time ministry) do not know God's ordained purposes upon their lives, ignorant of our assignment as His kingdom priests. Priesthood is lopsided to the 1% in full time ministry.

Many think “church” as an institution with membership and church-volunteers, to show up at a building, mistaking the form of 'church' as its substance.

The biblical truth shows a very different church model, that in essence, "church" is Christ's people, His sheep, gathering to be built up into spiritual maturity, able to make disciples as they arise as Christ's kingdom priests at their ordained territories of impact in the world.

Ref: Ng, J. "Being Christian 2.0" p.159 - 168 (October, 2022)

"(Christ) has made us to be a Kingdom and priests to serve His God and Father - to Him be glory & power,
for ever & ever. Amen." Revelation 1:6

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