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Seek kingdom impact. 

In what we do and where we go

Kingdom on Earth

(KOE) Kingdom on Earth because

Jesus 'has made us a Kingdom of Priests'

Revelation 1:6

To Serve His God and Father

Revelation 1:6

To Reign on Earth

Revelation 5:10

To Declare the praise of God

1 Peter 2:9


The KOE Problem Statements:

  • Being 'Church' without being 'Kingdom'

  • Being 'Christian' without being 'Priest'   

  • The 99% for the 1% Syndrome. 99% of Christians do not know our calling beyond serving the 1% in fulltime ministry.


It is our desire to share KOE Communities among churches & workplaces

KOE Discipleship Sessions

Nadia Benbernou

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Christ the Foundation

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Divine Partnership in Life Ministry

People During Workshop

KOE Life Groups

His Glory + Our Story

Stepping out of the Boat Testimonies

Arise and Shine: Life in Christ is so much more!


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