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  • Are you feeling lost & disheartened, running on empty, feeling stuck in a spiritual vacuum, too exhausted & disoriented to carry on with your faith?

  • Are you hunger & thirst for a deeper walk in the Spirit,, longing for a breakthrough in your relationship with Christ?

  • Are you looking for the like-minded for your faith journey, for iron sharpening iron, to experience for yourself His glory and the power of His Word?


KOE (aka Kingdom On Earth) is a
Discipling Community
for seeking Christ's Kingdom
in who we are, and what we do, at where we are sent.

White Plants

As a Discipling Community, KOE seeks to live fully as

Sons & Daughters

Loved by the Father in Heaven

Co-heirs with Christ

Disciples of Christ

In full surrender to Jesus as Lord

The love of our lives

Kingdom Priests

Walking in Spirit-power

Living on the Authority of the Word

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His Word in

Our Hearts

That penetrates

our souls & spirits

Insight for

KOE Living

From the Word

we experienced

His Glory in

Our Stories


as Christ's witnesses

Silhouettes and View


As His Body on Earth

we collectively seek to be better carrier

of Christ's Physical Presence

  • By establishing Christ Kingdom as we live out who we are in Christ

  • By radiating God's glory in our stories, as our faith accesses His power, inviting God to do immeasurably more, so the world beholds His glory

As His Priests on Earth

we as individuals seek to

build up one another

  • To establish His kingdom by making disciples as we go to territories of impact the Lord ordained.

  • To attain the fullness in Christ He redeemed for us

  • To get ready to give an account for the work God ordained for each of our life


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